The History of Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows

 Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows

Haemmerlin is considered to be the best wheelbarrows provider in the UK market. The name of the Haemmerlin is not just built in one day. It took years to earn an identity that lasts forever. Taking users as their top priority, they design wheelbarrows that suit the conditions. The company was established in 1867 as a metal foundry in France.

Charles Haemmerlin

As the years passed, the foundry turned out to be a factory in 1890 with the hard work and dedication of Charles Haemmerlin along with the support of his son Georges. Georges then originated the production of a metallic wheelbarrow. In 1930 the two sons of Georges also started working in the factory occupying different tasks. One took the job of selling the products that includes quality wheelbarrows, tip-carts, tar sprayers etc and the other focus on modernization of the product resulting in the deliveries expanding all over France and export markets.

Bernard Haemmerlin

The Manager of the Company, Bernard Haemmerlin began to modernize the manufacturing equipments completely in 1981. And within four years of modernization Haemmerlin Ltd. was formulated providing the largest number of manufacturing units across the globe. Further in 1987, the company stepped out towards the West Midlands to enhance the distribution of its products to its customers that resulted in the positive growth of the company. Soon in 2004, it became the best wheelbarrows place and the second brand leader in quality wheelbarrows.


The Chillington manufacturing that was the leading brand at that time proposed the company to divest their wheelbarrow division. The best wheelbarrows manufacturer now started leading the UK markets as they add the top brand Chillington in their portfolio. In 2008, CDH Group acquired Haemmerlin Ltd. CDH was the combination of Centaure, Duarib and Haemmerlin that made it the highest manufacturer in the world as per quality and expertise. The most incredible thing about Haemmerlin Ltd. is that they manufacture and design products as per their users’ needs and requirements. Their main focus is to provide quality and durable products taking into consideration the safety and comfort of their users. A wide range of wheelbarrows come in different colours and designs. Some of the products are entry range wheelbarrows, heavy duty range products and extreme heavy duty wheelbarrow. The products also include vibrante polypropylene range in different colours. You can go green, go pink, go blue or any colour you like specially designed for gardening purposes. The mini wheelbarrow for children in different colours and designs to add interest in children to work for their garden is available on our website. The products available here are puncture proof whether they are traditional ones or modernised. If you are looking for a trusted firm to buy a wheelbarrow, Haemmerlin is the leading company of the UK market among all the wheelbarrows manufacturing companies. The company’s top priority is to provide comfort and safety to the costumers by providing them high-quality and durable products whether it’s for entry range or large capacity products. The company also emphasis on the service provided and tries to handle the users with care. For this they communicate with the costumers in a helpful and friendly way along with providing the knowledgeable facts.

Equestrian Trade Supply by Wheelbarrows Direct

Trade Supply Available

We are writing to inform you that having established ourselves as a reputable, popular and recognisable brand, Our 2017 objective is now to supply trade to garden  centres, tack shops and any stockists of Equestrian items . We have  identified the hike in demand and would like to build trade relations with other independent businesses.
Our business started as a small family run operation and as the Wheelbarrows Direct family we have generated substantial  goodwill in the equine community. Our Facebook page has over 14,000 equestrian followers and our products are literally supplied to various trades from construction to landscaping.

2 options available

  1. Sale or Return  (S.O.R)
  2. Bulk Discount for Payment on Delivery
Ideal for the small business not looking to risk locking their capital in stock or purchasing bulk which can be difficult to store. We offer a structured scheme whereby as a family business we would contact you once per week to see if the products are selling and provide you with stock based on your demands. Furthermore, you would only pay for those wheelbarrows which are sold and we would deduct your margin from the invoice so you can capitalize immediately.
All of our wheelbarrows are delivered fully assembled and our emphasis from day one has been quality and service and this has helped us to grow rapidly. As a family run operation we are looking to build on our network and work with like minded people so are only looking to supply small groups or standalone businesses. There is a very loyal following for our products as the polypropylene tub is U.V. Protected and you will see them in most yards, stables or being used for mucking.
We are able to offer various packages from S.O.R to bulk discounting and would love the opportunity to set up an initial call or meeting with yourselves. Please call me (Bill!) on 01276 31788 if you would like to chat more.
Best Regards
Bill Yelding
Managing Director

Olympic standard wheelbarrows for Spencer Wilton

Spencer Wilton keeps Super Nova II (Neville), his Olympic medal winning dressage horse, in Reading, in the most exquisite yard you've ever dreamed of. The stunning indoor arena has full wooden beamed roof with length-long sky lights allowing perfect natural light onto the immaculately leveled surface which seem to span as far as the eye can see. The stables look like they were built for royalty with rich brown wood and polished black detailing, with not a blade of hay or speck of bedding out of place. Yet with such as intensely well kept place, the yard has such an air of calm about it, to such an extent that Neville was taking his routine morning nap as I walked by his stable. Anyone that watched him at Rio Olympics would have appreciated the immense power and energy behind the movements within his dressage test, the sensitivity to react to the subtle aids and the highly refined energy transferred into scope and expression to apparently glide across the arena. It came quite a surprise to see him so relaxed, but maybe I shouldn't have been surprised as Spencer and his groom, Claire, convey the same relaxed and calm approach whilst not missing a single detail in looking after such amazing horses and a beautiful yard. It was lovely to see such relaxed and happy horses, and if I was going to humanise him, it's nice to see that the fame of an Olympic medal hasn't gone to Neville's head! Whilst Neville was enjoying his little snooze, we brought the wheelbarrows through to the yard and were straight away loaded with bags of Saracen feed and NAF products (Saracen and NAF are two of Spencer's very select few sponsors). Even Percy, Spencer's adorable puppy, jumped into the wheelbarrow to have a ride around the yard and lap up the attention. Spencer and Claire commented on the light weight and ease of maneuverability of the wheelbarrows, and Percy seemed happy with the smooth ride too! Such an immaculate yard, unfortunately, doesn't happen by magic. So the Wheelbarrows Direct wheelbarrows will be kept busy.

The quality of our wheelbarrows was commended by Spencer Wilton.


Purple wheelbarrows

Purple wheelbarrows now in stock and quickly becoming our most popular.

Our pink wheelbarrows, twinned with the yellow tyres, are our most recognisable wheelbarrow. They stand out apart from all other wheelbarrows as our signature colour combination. We heard from Laura Collett's groom, Zanie King, that one was even spotted at Pau (France's top CCI4* FEI Classics event) but we don't know who the owner with such good taste was! It's true, they're recognisable from other side of a yard full of horseboxes and all the equestrian paraphernalia and bustling with horses and people. Our customers love the pink colour and say they have some welcome benefits such as husbands being less likely to 'borrow' them (and never return), making sure they're not 'mistaken' for someone else's barrow on busy livery yards (and, again, not returned) and encouraging the pony mad daughter to actually muck out occasionally, just because the pink wheelbarrow is irresistible. So now the purple wheelbarrows have been released, will pink wheelbarrows hold their no.1 favourite spot? We imagine purple wheelbarrows will have the same benefits by keeping off those who claim 'they thought it was theirs' because the colour is even more unusual. But is it going to be the new favourite? We have a wide range of colours and the combinations can be changed around with different coloured wheels and tyres. Let us know your favourite wheelbarrow colour via Facebook and order yours today online or call 0773 6804459 / 01276 31788  

Laura Collett’s wheelbarrows choice

Choosing a wheelbarrow for a 1 or 2 horse yard may seem like a simple task - but when you're a top British rider running a busy eventing yard, your wheelbarrows must be up to the job. Young British eventer, Laura Collett, and her team were on the hunt for new wheelbarrows for their yard and stated they needed to be large, robust and durable to withstand the amount of work they'll be put through. Whether hauling bags of feed to their place in the feed room, moving bales of bedding and hay or mucking out the many stables in her picturesque cottage style yard, there's no place for a wheelbarrow that'll let them down. Laura Collett's yard is in Lambourn, Berkshire. Lambourn is dubbed as the 'Valley of the Racehorse' with an amazing community revolving around the training of racehorses. It is the home of the IJF (Injured Jockey's Fund) rehabilitation centre, equine hospital and many leading jockeys and trainers; their yards and gallops. Laura went for rehabilitation at the IJF's Oaksey House after a rotational fall at Tweseldown (July 2013) left her with serious crush injuries and was placed in a induced coma for several days. The facilities, the area and community support showed their true value to Laura and have become particularly poignant ever since. The gallops and land sprawling the stunning views across the valley are equally suited to the training and fitness requirements of top event horses as they are for racehorses and jockeys. Laura is privileged and grateful to be able to use National Hunt Champion trainer’s Nicky Hendersons private Seven Barrows gallops.  Laura also says "the hacking is unreal. We don’t have to touch the roads and we can ride out over the downs, everywhere you go is a bridle path and the ground is unbelievable. It drains very well." Laura also has a 60 x 30m arena & a six-horse horse walker, giving her ideal facilities to train horses ready for the top events in the world resulting in a string of medals from Team Gold at the Pony Europeans in 2005 to Individual Gold at the World Championships in 2014. Her country cottage style stone stables are set within a cosy yet impressive courtyard, where you are greeted by horses with their heads over stable doors. With 11 stables here and 9 stunning paddocks, durable wheelbarrows are in order. Their size, the height, the weight, the wheels, the way they turn, the way they tip, it was all under scrutiny before deciding to go ahead with Wheelbarrows Direct. It's important to us that all these factors matter to our clients because we're passionate about our products and ensuring they deliver all the attributes that make your job easier. We did find it funny that Laura Collett's team seemed to be so clued up about the differences in wheelbarrows and how much we agreed about the difference they can make to their use. It makes us all the more glad that they love their Wheelbarrows Direct wheelbarrows and Laura's happy to put her name to them.  

Wheelbarrows for Tom McEwen

We are proud to announce a glowing endorsement of our equine yard wheelbarrows from highly regarded, young, British event rider Tom McEwen. A talented young eventer, Tom most definitely has riding in his blood. He is following in the footsteps of his eventing parents, Bobby and Ali. Ali was a familiar face on the UK show jumping circuit, while father Bobby is a senior partner at The Valley Equine Hospital in Lambourn. His sister Ella is also an eventer and rode for the British Pony team in 2007 and 2008. Having recently moved from Mark Todd's yard at Badgerstown to Zara Tindall's previous yard at Princess Anne's home at Gatcombe Estate, Tom was in need of some durable and versatile wheelbarrows for the work being carried out at the yard. In the beautiful and impressive surroundings of Gatcombe Park, home to the Festival of British Eventing, Tom has a string of horses at varying levels up to 4*. On his horse Toledo de Kerser, Tom is certain to be a contender for selection to the Great Britain team for both the FEI European Eventing Championships in Strzegom, Poland in 2017 and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Riding out of such a busy and active yard, a set of robust and effective wheelbarrows are essential for mucking out and other general jobs that need to be undertaken. Tom chose a selection of 160 litre twin fatboy wheelbarrows and 90 litre single wheelbarrows to get the work done and bring a splash of colour to proceedings. Tom’s yard staff wasted no time in putting the new recruits to work, moving bags of feed, shavings and hay, enjoying the benefits of increased tray capacity and the smooth motion of the bright yellow puncture proof tyres. A warm welcome to the Wheelbarrows Direct team Tom, it’s great to have you on board! View our range of wheelbarrows on this website and you can order/contact us via calling 01276 31788/0773 6804459, Facebook, Twitter or email

Work smarter with a wheelbarrow technique

Having chosen the right wheelbarrow to cope with the jobs you need to complete in the stable yard, it’s important to ensure that you’re making it work for you correctly. Our lightweight and durable plastic tubs mean that you’re starting off with a lighter load to begin with, but it’s good practice to think about your own personal wheelbarrow technique! Develop your wheelbarrow technique It’s easy just to throw yourself straight into the mucking out, after all the good stuff comes after the dirty jobs are done and you want to ensure you’re in the best possible shape for spending time in the saddle. Work in the yard can be pretty intensive so taking time to develop a wheelbarrow technique, that over time becomes natural, makes a great deal of sense. Here are a few tips on how to develop a wheelbarrow technique –
  • Lifting – Always lift from underneath, with an underhanded grip. Make sure you bend from the knees rather than your back. Bending from the knees will give you leverage power that will alleviate the possibility of strain on your back muscles. Once upright try and keep your back as straight as possible.
  • Preparing to unload – Once you’ve reached your destination and it’s time to re-lift the wheelbarrow ready to empty, don’t use your spine to initiate the lift. Begin your bend from the hips and knees utilising the stronger muscles in that area. Using this wheelbarrow technique will also mean that you will lift from underneath more naturally with an underhand grip. This helps to avoid wrist, arm, neck and shoulder injuries that may result from a more unnatural method.
  • Emptying the wheelbarrow – When emptying the contents of your wheelbarrow make sure you affect a straight posture, with as much weight as possible onto your front leg. Try and keep as straight a line as possible right from your head to the coccyx, helping to protect your back and spine.
  • Load sensibly – As much as the temptation may be there to keep filling the wheelbarrow in order to avoid an extra journey, you should never overload the tub. The heavier the load, the harder you need to push. This can strain your hips and also make it easier to lose your balance, particularly if you’re using a wheelbarrow with a single wheel. An extra trip that avoids unnecessary injury has to be worthwhile!
There’s no doubt that the wheelbarrow is a vitally important piece of kit for any equine yard. Developing a wheelbarrow technique will not only ensure that your wheelbarrow offers you many years of sterling service, but also that the person pushing it can avoid injury and enjoy endless carefree hours of quality time riding!

Why choose puncture proof tyres?

All of our wheelbarrows, no matter which width or combination of single or twin, they all come with puncture proof tyres. Pneumatic tyres can puncture easily. Whether it’s a stray nail left by the farrier, a pointy stone in the driveway gravel, a hawthorn from the recently trimmed hedges or sometimes it’s just a mystery even on the most meticulously well kept yard. Also, rubber can deteriorate over time with the inevitable cold and wet weather conditions of a British stable yard. This means even if you don’t puncture your tyre, you could find yourself with a crack in the tyre which will lead to a slow puncture and flat tyre. Our puncture proof tyres are foam filled so that even a nail to the tyre won’t result in a loss of air - because they’re not air filled! The foam is forgiving and bouncy so that you still get the benefits of the grip over uneven ground. So just like the plastic tubs and the specially chosen nuts and bolts on our wheelbarrows - they’re built specially for equine yard use. Our distinctive yellow tyres set us apart from other wheelbarrow brands, but if you'd prefer a different colour; just ask!

Delivery included and ready assembled

To us it sounds obvious. You choose a wheelbarrow you’d like, that suits your needs, you see the price and that’s what you want to pay. No one likes a delivery charge. What’s even more surprising to us is how many other wheelbarrows don’t come ready assembled, especially those online. Reviews on self-assembly wheelbarrows are littered with distraught customers because they’re not the easiest things to put together. Imagine this… It’s the depths of winter, you have eight stables to muck out today and, oh great, your old wheelbarrow eventually gives up completely. You look online at who can deliver one out to you and when it does finally arrive you’ve got to sit out in a cold yard worked out how on earth you fit this new thing together? Like you haven’t got enough work to be doing! No, we don’t fancy that. All of our wheelbarrows come ready assembled. It’s important to us that they’re put together perfectly here at Wheelbarrows Direct so that it arrives with you ready to use straight away. Surcharges may apply to certain postcodes such as Northern Ireland, the Highlands and off shore islands. If you live in these areas, please contact us for making your order. Call 01276 31788 or 0773 6804459  

Choosing the right size wheelbarrow for you

Wheelbarrows Direct specialise in wheelbarrows for the equestrian user. This often means our customers need a bigger than standard size wheelbarrow. The 200 litre wheelbarrow is particularly popular. This larger size is a favourite in larger yards with multiple stables to muck out. Being able to park the large wheelbarrow down the centre of a stable block and not have to empty it after every stable means time is saved and multiple trips to the muck heap are avoided. A wheelbarrow to keep in the lorry or similar where space is scarce or it’s just for occasional use, a 90 litre is ideal. For your every day mucking out of a  few stables or an average sized paddock then we would recommend choosing between a 120 litre and a 160 litre wheelbarrow. We’re always listening to our customers and as a result we’ll be bringing you more sizes very soon! Give us a call, or send us a message to speak to us and we'll help you choose the right size wheelbarrow for you.

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