The History of Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows

The History of Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows

 Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows

Haemmerlin is considered to be the best wheelbarrows provider in the UK market. The name of the Haemmerlin is not just built in one day. It took years to earn an identity that lasts forever. Taking users as their top priority, they design wheelbarrows that suit the conditions. The company was established in 1867 as a metal foundry in France.

Charles Haemmerlin

As the years passed, the foundry turned out to be a factory in 1890 with the hard work and dedication of Charles Haemmerlin along with the support of his son Georges. Georges then originated the production of a metallic wheelbarrow. In 1930 the two sons of Georges also started working in the factory occupying different tasks. One took the job of selling the products that includes quality wheelbarrows, tip-carts, tar sprayers etc and the other focus on modernization of the product resulting in the deliveries expanding all over France and export markets.

Bernard Haemmerlin

The Manager of the Company, Bernard Haemmerlin began to modernize the manufacturing equipments completely in 1981. And within four years of modernization Haemmerlin Ltd. was formulated providing the largest number of manufacturing units across the globe. Further in 1987, the company stepped out towards the West Midlands to enhance the distribution of its products to its customers that resulted in the positive growth of the company. Soon in 2004, it became the best wheelbarrows place and the second brand leader in quality wheelbarrows.


The Chillington manufacturing that was the leading brand at that time proposed the company to divest their wheelbarrow division. The best wheelbarrows manufacturer now started leading the UK markets as they add the top brand Chillington in their portfolio.

In 2008, CDH Group acquired Haemmerlin Ltd. CDH was the combination of Centaure, Duarib and Haemmerlin that made it the highest manufacturer in the world as per quality and expertise.

The most incredible thing about Haemmerlin Ltd. is that they manufacture and design products as per their users’ needs and requirements. Their main focus is to provide quality and durable products taking into consideration the safety and comfort of their users.

A wide range of wheelbarrows come in different colours and designs. Some of the products are entry range wheelbarrows, heavy duty range products and extreme heavy duty wheelbarrow. The products also include vibrante polypropylene range in different colours. You can go green, go pink, go blue or any colour you like specially designed for gardening purposes. The mini wheelbarrow for children in different colours and designs to add interest in children to work for their garden is available on our website. The products available here are puncture proof whether they are traditional ones or modernised.

If you are looking for a trusted firm to buy a wheelbarrow, Haemmerlin is the leading company of the UK market among all the wheelbarrows manufacturing companies. The company’s top priority is to provide comfort and safety to the costumers by providing them high-quality and durable products whether it’s for entry range or large capacity products.

The company also emphasis on the service provided and tries to handle the users with care. For this they communicate with the costumers in a helpful and friendly way along with providing the knowledgeable facts.

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