Coloured wheelbarrows

Coloured wheelbarrows

Purple coloured wheelbarrows are coming soon!

Our pink wheelbarrows are really popular. Whether you love to have all the matching pink kit (the numnah, the head colour, full grooming kit and now even the wheelbarrow) or you just find it stops your other half steeling your prized wheelbarrow; pink is definitely popular.

However, with purple wheelbarrows coming soon, will they be the new favourite?

We’re always listening to our customers and keep updating our wheelbarrows based on the feedback we receive. As a result, our wheelbarrows are getting more robust, lasting even longer and, of course, coming in all your favourite colours. That’s why we’re making purple wheelbarrows – because you asked us to!

We currently have blue, green, red, pink and yellow wheelbarrows for any size and wheel combination. Did you know you can ask to have different coloured wheels too?

Please continue to send in your photos, tell us about your wheelbarrows, and what you’d like to see from Wheelbarrows Direct.

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