Not just a wheelbarrow like anyone else

Not just a wheelbarrow like anyone else

Our wheelbarrows stand out, especially the biggest 200 litre barrows. However, you’ll often find people who say ‘I’ve got one just like that’ but you may find they haven’t. Our wheelbarrows have been rigorously tested by the most demanding of equestrian users. The wheels are positioned just right to get that easy to lift and easy to tip experience. We use the strongest of frames and really robust tubs, and every nut, bolt and screw has been perfected to suit the needs of the wheelbarrow use.

Our wheelbarrows are quite distinctive by their range of colours. Their usual yellow tyres and matching wheel to tub combination stand out amongst the crowd. However, we can change all that around to have a wheelbarrow colour to suit  – you just need to ask.

With their bright, bold colours, they won’t just blend in with the crowd of wheelbarrows stacked up on a livery yard. Yours won’t be the one on the ‘stuff to get fixed’ either. With their puncture proof tyres they can withstand the usage you’d expect on an equestrian yard and their tubs won’t rot or rust either.

So when it’s time to purchase a new wheelbarrow, make sure you shop with confidence and receive a wheelbarrow that is built for the job and that you’ll be using with pride for many years to come.

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