Personalised Wheelbarrows

Make your wheelbarrow truly your own or surprise a loved one x

Make your wheelbarrow extra special and individual with our new range of long lasting weather proof stickers. You can now add your name, an image of your horse or choose one of the many in house designs we have. These are available on new purchases or if you would just like the stickers… we can do that too! We have sourced the highest quality adhesive and tested them for weather proofing and they come with a minimum 2 year guarantee.

Steps to Order

  1. If you are ordering a wheelbarrow and would like graphics please state in the notes section when ordering the wheelbarrow you would like  graphics added to your order. Or please email or call with graphics details.
  2. If you just want the sticker then please email with details.
  3. If you have a picture then send us best quality as possible.
  4. If you like one of our designs then just state the name.
  5. We will then affix the sticker to the wheelbarrow making sure it is correctly sealed properly
  6. We then deliver the wheelbarrow as normal! Happy Days!
  7. Graphics are £20 for both sides of the wheelbarrow.

If you just order the sticker we will send it to in a secure tube and a are happy to assist you with any advice you need to make sure it correctly affixed.

Call 01276 31788 If you would like to chat more about it.


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