Purple wheelbarrows

Purple wheelbarrows

Purple wheelbarrows now in stock and quickly becoming our most popular.

Our pink wheelbarrows, twinned with the yellow tyres, are our most recognisable wheelbarrow. They stand out apart from all other wheelbarrows as our signature colour combination. We heard from Laura Collett’s groom, Zanie King, that one was even spotted at Pau (France’s top CCI4* FEI Classics event) but we don’t know who the owner with such good taste was! It’s true, they’re recognisable from other side of a yard full of horseboxes and all the equestrian paraphernalia and bustling with horses and people.

Our customers love the pink colour and say they have some welcome benefits such as husbands being less likely to ‘borrow’ them (and never return), making sure they’re not ‘mistaken’ for someone else’s barrow on busy livery yards (and, again, not returned) and encouraging the pony mad daughter to actually muck out occasionally, just because the pink wheelbarrow is irresistible.

So now the purple wheelbarrows have been released, will pink wheelbarrows hold their no.1 favourite spot? We imagine purple wheelbarrows will have the same benefits by keeping off those who claim ‘they thought it was theirs’ because the colour is even more unusual. But is it going to be the new favourite?

We have a wide range of colours and the combinations can be changed around with different coloured wheels and tyres.

Let us know your favourite wheelbarrow colour via Facebook and order yours today online or call 0773 6804459 / 01276 31788


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