Wheelbarrows tyres and wheels

Wheelbarrows tyres and wheels

With multiple choices of wheels for your new wheelbarrow, it’s worth thinking about which combination will work for you.

For a 200 litre wheelbarrow (our largest wheelbarrow) that will mainly be used in and around a stable block for the heaviest of loads, consider choosing twin wheels as the stability when fully laden will be helpful.

If you often use your wheelbarrow out in the fields or on uneven ground, then maybe a Fatboy tyre would suit you. The Fatboy is a wider wheel giving increased surface contact which will allow you to negotiate muddier and softer terrain. The Fatboy tyre is available on both single and twin wheel.

Twin vs single? Well, it depends if you’re ready to do a slalom race around twisty turns or you prefer the stability of two wheels. Who knew that wheelbarrows preference is so personal!

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