Why plastic tubs?

Why plastic tubs?

You may have an old gardener friend who swears by their trusty galvanised metal wheelbarrow. There’s no denying they’ve had it for years, so is it going to suit you too?

Toxic qualities in manure and wet bedding rot and rust the tub of metal wheelbarrows. Metal reacts to such substances and over time will corrode. It may be that your gardener friend is using their wheelbarrow for very different contents. All of our wheelbarrows are designed specifically for the equestrian user.
Our plastic tubs are also smooth and easy to clean which means that it is possible to wash them out before using them to transport hay and big heavy bags of feed. No more lugging them about by hand – hooray!

The plastic tubs of all Wheelbarrows Direct wheelbarrows are really lightweight. This means even the largest of wheelbarrows are light. Coupled with perfectly positioned wheels to take the weight of the load, you’ll be surprised by how much easier our wheelbarrows are to push in comparison to others. We know how heavy a load can be when you’ve collected muck from the field after a few days of rain when maybe you haven’t mucked it out quite as recently as planned. A lightweight wheelbarrow is definitely a good start.

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