Why choose puncture proof tyres?

Why choose puncture proof tyres?

All of our wheelbarrows, no matter which width or combination of single or twin, they all come with puncture proof tyres.

Pneumatic tyres can puncture easily. Whether it’s a stray nail left by the farrier, a pointy stone in the driveway gravel, a hawthorn from the recently trimmed hedges or sometimes it’s just a mystery even on the most meticulously well kept yard. Also, rubber can deteriorate over time with the inevitable cold and wet weather conditions of a British stable yard. This means even if you don’t puncture your tyre, you could find yourself with a crack in the tyre which will lead to a slow puncture and flat tyre.

Our puncture proof tyres are foam filled so that even a nail to the tyre won’t result in a loss of air – because they’re not air filled! The foam is forgiving and bouncy so that you still get the benefits of the grip over uneven ground.

So just like the plastic tubs and the specially chosen nuts and bolts on our wheelbarrows – they’re built specially for equine yard use.

Our distinctive yellow tyres set us apart from other wheelbarrow brands, but if you’d prefer a different colour; just ask!

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